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I will pray for you andyour children. You strike me as a hard worker and a sweet person, may God bless you.

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Hi Brynna's Mom, < i hope i spelled that right. :)

I don't have much experience in giving people advice and i hardly ever take my own advice. BUT i can tell you that I have been through a lot of the same horrible stuff you're going through. You see, my dad has been separated from his wife(my stepmother) for over 8 years now and ever since their divorce, life has been a rollercoaster. My dad went through times when he couldn't find employment and we were always behind on the bills, we've been kicked out of the apartments that we've lived in at least 3 times, we have been a burden by living with my friend's family for a year, and it was just this past summer that we moved out of there. However, things have gotten worse and went downhill shortly after. My dad has entered into depression, he no longer is seeking employment or hapiness for that matter. He sits in the apartment that him and my brother live in, and he smokes and he waits. There is just no turning him around but I have to move on with life. We have been through so much as a family and I have learned that life IS a battle and it is a test of strength. Patience makes you a beautiful person and if you push onward and carry your strength with you, you will find a way to get out of the most impossible situations. There's a place for everyone in life and a wise person once told me that you have to discover the place that's right for you, just keep your eyes on the horizon.


i hope im not too wordy. i seriously feel for you though, even if i dont know you... 

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Only Want The Best

 First of all, in order to get through any obstacle you can not beat yourself up. Stop saying that you are a failure, because you're not. Every person in this world face adversity at one time or another. It's up to the person to persevere. Life is a test that God set before us. It's up to you to pass the test. Obstacles, Circumstances and Situations are going to come your way, either you are going to give up or you are going to fight and no matter what I AM A FIGHTER! Just remember "No Weapon Formed Against You Shall Prosper"! God is only a call away. He may not come when you call Him, But He is always On Time. Just pray and ask God to direct your path. My Lights were turned off the other day for $52.39 and I wrote a bad check after my children and I were in the dark for two days. One thing is for certain and that is ,things can not be any worse and the outcome is sweet. Have faith and trust and believe that God is the source of all your needs. You are a great mother and do not let anyone tell you no different.

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